Grasping & Scratching


While the northern lower peninsula of Michigan has been enjoying some steady snow, further south we have been stuck in a continuous mix of melting snow in the day, freezing snow in the night, along with ice, slush, rain and other wintertime fecal matter. The days since Saturday’s race have been a wasteland of [fun] physical activity and I find myself grasping at any legal means to keep myself motivated through the soggy, gray, wet crap-tastic days.


Monday I forced myself to do my thrice weekly strength training workout, and some treadmill work. Today I sat staring blankly at my computer screen for most of the morning before I mustered up the will to get myself on the trainer. I should have saved myself all the mustering and just said “f*ck it.” But I didn’t, I climbed on my road bike and lasted a whole twenty minutes before I once again declared riding the trainer THE. DUMBEST. THING. EVER. Once you start riding in the snow, and have the means, the trainer is just about impossible to fathom.


Even more than not riding, I’ve missed the joy I get from taking and processing batches of photos on a near daily basis. So, today when I was out running some errands I took my x100s with me and snapped a few pics as I did my thing.


Nothing I shot was great, or all that interesting, but I was glad I made myself do it. A person like me has two itches (well, two that I can talk about freely) that need scratched every day: something physical and something creative. Many days I can scratch just one and be OK, but the prospect of neither is hard to handle.


During my driving today I checked out the dirt roads and they were near mirror images of my driveway seen above; ice and slush with a heaping dose of mud thrown in. The good news is that while we here in the mid-mitten were getting rain last night, further north they were getting snow. So, tomorrow I’m chucking my real world duties and heading north to an undisclosed location to ride the Fatterson in the snow. And if that sucks I am taking snowshoes for plan B. It goes without saying that I will be taking a camera with me as well, so as to scratch all those itches.


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