Guilt Free Cheesy Mashed Potatoes


Even though I could easily do so (and should), this isn’t going to be another post where I blather on about my love of potatoes (like I did here and here). It’s more of a post where I blather on about nothing in particular.

Today brought a long-awaited date with my dentist to have a wisdom tooth pulled so as to make room for a filling and a crown that needs done to a neighboring molar. It went just as well as I thought it would; lots of shots, yanking, crunching and post pull throbbing. But it’s out and now I can look forward to my next visit in a month to get the filling and crown done. Sigh.

With a throbbing, gaping, blood oozing hole in the back of my mouth, I had little appetite most of the afternoon. Finally around dinner time I started getting some hunger pangs and had to make up my mind what I wanted from the prescribed soft and mushy dinner menu; soup, refried beans or mashed potatoes. I opted for the mashers, and since that was going to be the extent of my dinner I kicked them up a fatty notch with the addition of handful[s] of cheddar cheese. It was pretty damn good comfort food. Well, at least until the first gob of cheesy potatoes got stuck in the empty blood hole.

It’s not often that I can down a bowl of such fatty, carby goodness and not feel too guilty about it. As much as I love potatoes, I do have to say that by the time got to the bottom of the heaping bowl, I had more than my fill of them. It’s sort of like when you think it’s a great idea to buy five rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough start shoveling the raw, doughy goodness down your gullet and by the time you hit the end of that fourth roll, you realize you just just might be sick of eating raw cookie dough. Not that I’ve even done that or anything, I’m just saying I can imagine that’s what it would be like. Oh never mind!

Gluttony, is a terrible thing to waste. – Unknown


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