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Lowlights & Lowerlights


Since I am not one to keep quiet (in the blogo-shere) even when I have nothing at all to say, I am putting up this post. Lucky for you there’s not much to it except some bitching about crap weather and some photos from around greater Michiganderburgh and food in my kitchen.

I knew going into this weekend that unless I got up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday, my only day to ride would be Sunday. B had an away match Saturday afternoon, so most of the day would be spent driving and spectating. It didn’t really matter that much since the winds were gusting and the rain was pissing down all day. Perfect weather for sitting in a chair watching U12 soccer.

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More Man on Spud Love


A while back, I blathered on about stopping all the Paleo diet inspired, Sugar Nazi hate on the potato, and in the process shared my Soiled Hash Browns (they taste better than they sound, trust me). They were good, but require a lot of skillet watching. So for lunch today I made up a “roasted” version that was way easier. Check out the potato loving easiness of my Soiled Roasted Potatoes & Vegetables…

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