Heading South


My free time later this week is going to be filled up with B-Man school activities, house stuff, soccer practices, games, and my MRI appointment, so I figured I’d better front load this week with mile and then hope for the best as the week continues.

With that, I made sure to get my shit together and get out on the road for a ride today in search of miles, lost fitness, and calories to burn.


Since we moved a bit north of town back in April, I’ve been super content (that means lazy) to put together road/gravel loops that headed north. That’s been great, but I’ve found that I miss the bigger hills, and even more rural landscape that can be had south of town. So, I finally forced myself to head south today and was rewarded with a pretty sweet 37 mile ride


The southern dirt roads were even dustier and sandier that those to the north and more than a few times I found myself having an “oh shit!” moment as I fishtailed downhill.

Because of all that deep, dusty dirt, today’s ride ended up being roughly 70% pavement. Granted it was patched up, beat to shit, low traffic, shitty farm road pavement, but still pavement.


I felt really good on the ride and today’s 37 mile loop has me inching closer to doing more 50 mile rides again. In fact I was really tempted to push on for 50 today, but my time spent trying to coax various cows to smile for the camera took a chunk of time and I thought better of it. It’ll have to wait.

I’d really like to get some singletrack riding in tomorrow, since the following two days are going to be super busy on all fronts.

Hope to process a few more pics from today’s ride in the morning, but for now this will have to do.


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