2016 WC Neffness

Photo: © Michal Cerveny

Photo: © Michal Cerveny

Jolanda Neff made here first UCI World Cup appearance this past weekend in La Bresse, France, and it was worth the wait. After being forced to start a few rows back, the big haired blonde soon found her way to the front, kicked ass on the climbs, and was amazing to watch on the downhills. Even after crashing hard, flatting once, and losing her place at the front, she battled back for the win.

If you have access to the Red Bull TV feed replay of the race (it’s on Apple TV), I highly recommend watching the race. It was one of the better World Cup races I’ve seen in a while. Made the Men’s race look boring.

I hadn’t really thought about posting a #Neffness post in a while, but the photo above by Michal Cerveny made me want to. Well done Jolanda!


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