Hunting For Glory With Nino


I’ve long been a sucker for cycling videos, especially ones that call attention to XC and endurance racing and athletes. Even when I know the videos are more part of a marketing and brand machine than a cinematic statement, I still find myself sucked in.

Case in point: the new Scott Sports production N1NO The Hunt for Glory, a well produced, ongoing series of “webisodes” highlighting the training, racing and life of Scott-ODLO racer Nino Schurter.

The first chapter of the series titled Work Hard, Play Hard, shows Nino training, goofing off on skis and preparing for the upcoming season. Preparations that seemed to have paid off given that he just took the XC victory at Sea Otter this past weekend.

I know after watching this I should want to ride a Scott, amp up my training or at very least learn to embrace those suffering from male pattern baldness, but in the end it just makes me want to ride my bike along with recognizing how hard the elite riders of the sport work.

Schurter is always fun to watch race, I’m looking forward to more of these webisodes episodes as well as the coming season of XCO racing which kicks off on May 24th in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

You can follow the series via its YouTube channel.

Original photo via, monkeyed with by me.

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