Insanity, Stats, & A Ride

I worked at the shop on Monday so of course I came home with a sore back, sore feet and peopled the hell out. As my grandmother always said: “It’s hell getting old.” And as I’ve always said: “I hate people.” I seriously don’t know how full-time shop employees do it without losing their minds and end up never wanting to ride their bike again.

It’s been said that 58.2% of all bike shop customers are insane. 39% of bike shop customers are calling or stopping in shops attempting to buy or obtain free things that have little to nothing at all to do with cycling. And 40% of all customers expect their bike repaired while they wait or by the next day during the busiest time of the year.

I could go into detail about some of the amaze-ball fucked up shit I’ve seen and heard recently, but that really wouldn’t be professional and would violate the Customer/Bike Shop Buffoon Confidentiality Act (C.B.S.B.C.A.) that was passed by a high-ranking, strong-armed, lawyered-up group of dealer/shop officials at Interbike 2007. So I’ll just move on. I will say that bike shops are top-notch weirdo magnets, much respect to those who own or work full-time in shops and have to deal with people every day. People are the worst… except for the good ones.

NOTE: The above statistics were recently cited in the article “What in the fuck made you open a bike shop?” which was published in the May 2018 issue of the National Journal of Bicycle Sales, Service, and Mental Illness1.

On to Tuesday…

I utilized my Tuesday “me time” to get in a quick 26.5-mile dirt road ride north of town. I didn’t feel the greatest at first, but things eventually came around, and I finished pretty strong and with enough energy to still get a bunch of other shit done.

I took a few photos along the way, but nothing was really jumping out at me. I do like the one of the mama cow and its spawn standing in the pond. Sort of wish they didn’t look like they wanted to trample me to death, but I like the photo regardless.

Hoping that the rest of the week brings me more miles, God knows (look at me with the broad assumption of what God knows and doesn’t know) I need it.


  1. Not really, the stats and magazine are completely made up (I assume), but I think you get what I’m saying. As you probably know, that C.B.S.B.C.A. thing is totes made up too.

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