It Was a Ride


After Saturday’s flat/projectile valve core/short, make something out of nothing ride in the woods, the next two days were filled with me doing a variety of things that fell between doing nothing and everything (ish). That’s fine, an uneducated slacker needs to earn his keep somehow, right?

Tuesday brought prospects of a ride, but that that was put in doubt when Wifey phoned me at soccer practice Monday night to say that a hunk of siding on the our old home (that we just got an offer on) had been jacked up from the fast-moving thunderstorm that moved through Monday evening.

A quick post-practice fix Monday night held everything in place until Tuesday morning when I could meet with a dude to fix it proper. All will be fixed soon enough, and hopefully the house is out of our hair soon. Paying two mortgages is not exactly fun.


Since it was an un-June like gusty, damp, and cold morning, my post meeting plan was to take my camera and do a 5 mile hike around Deerfield Park. Sadly, I forgot that this time of year they start charging entry and when I arrived at the gate and the Edie Brickell looking girl with a bunch of piercings in her face, wanting dough for a $25 annual pass or $6 day entry, me and my wallet filled with just $4, I had to retreat home and make other plans. I usually buy the annual pass, but that will have to wait for a day when I have more money in my pocket than a 6th grader.


That was cool though, because hiking is just walking, and there is plenty of time in the years to come to consider walking exercise. A a bonus, on the way home I saw a badass abandoned van out in field and stopped to get a pic. I love that shit.

Not hiking was for the best, ’cause I was sort of itching to ride. I was NOT itching to ride in the cool, gusty wind, but an itch is an itch, and I scratched it with a crap ride.


After a quick change into the riding gear I headed out into the gusty wind for a mostly paved Better Than The Trainer Ride™, which on this day should have been called the Better Than A Hike Ride™.


After a couple of days off the bike it was nice to get back, and even nicer to have a strong tail wind pushing me home. It wasn’t the greatest ride in the world, but it was a ride and I got some OK-ish pics.


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