Piling Up


It seems if there’s one thing I know how to do well, it’s pile up junk miles. Rides with no purpose other than to burn off a few beer calories and take pictures. I won’t be setting any distance records, and I won’t be getting back into any of those jeans I have stored away just in case I ever shed those 3o extra pounds, but I am getting outside on my bike and scratching that time sucking, financially useless, creative itch that God cursed me with, so I guess that’s something.


The rides this week have seemed especially brief due to a cavalcade of excuses; time, wind, slackness. As I look over this year’s blog posts, I realize that there is very, very little to do with cycling/being a cyclist here, I might as well just start that mid-life manifesto that I’ve been kicking around for years, and stick a few photo from my rides. Of course there are those who say I’ve been doing that for years.




Then again, maybe not. Manifesto sounds too Angry White Guy who want to “Make America Great Again,” and I’m more of a not-so-angry white guy who thinks America is just fine, except that we allow people like me to subject people like you to dross like this. I digress…


One of the more interesting things I saw this week was what looked to be the remnants of a fight mauling between a skunk and a coyote. Not sure why a coyote would want to mess with a skunk–other than ravenous hunger–but from the random tufts of skunk fur scattered about, and from the look of the claw marks on those paw prints, I have to think that the coyote won.


The again, I’m no wildlife expert, for all I know those are dog prints, but if they are, that is one hell of a dog. Freaking Dire Wolf or something.

Look more flowers!




And some weeds and a lost license plate.


On my way back home the other day I rode past this steed for sale…


I really can’t believe they were just giving it away! I mean with a little elbow grease and a few hundred dollars you could have that thing running smooth! Then again, maybe just go ahead and throw it in a dumpster.


I guess I should go do some work… but not before I pile up a few more of those junk miles.


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