Lost For Time


I rode 47 miles of dirt roads and pavement today; it was swell. Then I showered, went for groceries, made dinner, did some laundry, took B to soccer practice (a half hour early of course to kick the ball around) and then met up with a friend of mine at a pub a couple blocks from home to chat over a few Duvels. All and all a pretty good Thursday.

BUT, because of all those things, in addition to making a couple P.O.P. graphics for the shop, I failed miserably in giving you the shit blog post concerning my pretty wasted existence on earth that you in no way you should ever have to be subjected to. BUT I am making up for it with this post and including a pic of Jake (the dog)–you’re welcome. Not just for a pic of Jake (the dog) but also because I didn’t subject you to a post about one of my shit (actually pretty good) rides today.

Back to the shop tomorrow for some hours, then a weekend of being a soccer dad and lording over B-Man whilst Wifey makes a quick trip back to Pennsylvania to say hi to our new niece Nadia.


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