Macro Monday, & Slack

We back!

By we, I mean Macro Monday, and by back I mean, well, um, it’s back. Macro Monday is back. [face in palms because I’ve overcomplicated things yet again.]

I had every intention of riding my mountain bike today or any bike. Then I didn’t. Welcome to my world of obesity and slack filled suck.

What I did do today was sweat my low-hanging old man balls off walking around an overgrown and bug-filled Meridian Park, taking some crap macro shots for your my viewing pleasure.

When that short burst of creative productivity was over, I went to the bank to deposit some shit, picked up some contacts at the eye doc, went to get some groceries amongst Michigan’s maskless rim-lickers, and made a totally legit Cat5Cooking tofu “chicken” sandwich. All of that may or may not have been done in the order you see here. Sue me, I have an artistic license, and I know how to use it.

Short walks amongst the bugs and weeds of local parks will do nothing to reduce the belly padding I carry around, but it did scratch my creative itch. Tomayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto, robbing Peter, paying Paul, fat-shaming Mary, etc., etc. I do what I do to get through the fucking day.

Heading to the shop tomorrow to do whatever it is I do there for money.


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