Marco & Meatless

Like getting rim-burning runs after a hot wing and Natty Light binge, Macro Monday is back! To be honest, I don’t know what that means, or why I felt the need to type it, but what’s done is done1.

I found myself with a free Thursday and balls deep in a steaming turd-pool filled with a lack of motivation. At one point, I was in the spare bedroom, lying in bed while Wifey worked at the desk beside me; she typed, I farted and sighed. Eventually, the want to sleep lay staring at the ceiling until a COVID vaccine is discovered, the world is back to normal, the orange fuck face is long gone, and I miraculously become an intelligent, successful person who contributes to society, started to fade.

With that, I grabbed my Z6 and macro extension tubes. I drove out to the Sylvan preserve to creep around the woods looking for bugs, flowers, insects, and other interesting bits scattered about us by Ma Nature.

The weather was perfect, and I had the whole preserve to myself, for the most part, only seeing a couple of trail runners as I was wrapping things up.


After a couple of Macroless Mondays, it’s nice to be back. This Monday also marks the 8-week mark of my pescatarian eating. In those 8 weeks, I’ve lost roughly 10 pounds and have no real desire to eat any meat right now. Nor do I have the desire to waste an entire Monday in bed and on the shitter. It probably won’t last forever, but the memories of those intestinal issues are too fresh in my dimwitted mind and recovering bung.


This was one of the only non-macro shots of the day.

I hope you enjoy this week’s pics. I love nature photography, and macro nature photography has only proved to make me even more in awe of the, often strange, beauty of nature.





  1. What about just deleting it and starting over? SHUTUP!!

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