No Epics Required

Something I’ve slowly learned over the years (AKA got old and fat) is that not every bike ride, hike, ski, snowshoe, etc., needs to be an epic affair filled with big miles, sore muscles, and bonks. Sometimes, just putzing around the woods with my camera is enough to give the brain the mental “rub and a tug” it needs.

Last week was another week filled with appointments, another visit to the dentist for a crown, an end of year high school soccer banquet, and a Saturday at the bike shop, followed by a short trip westward to sell the Procaliber to someone that will properly use it.

Despite all that, I still found time to get to the gym a few times to lift heavy things for no reason, and get some time in the woods with my camera for a few shots followed by hot and spicy veggie burrito!


The miles were few, the photos were OK, but my brain felt sufficiently rubbed and tugged upon my return. That veggie burrito helped too!

Veggie burrito about to get crushed.


Heck of a night for B: he made the Saginaw Valley Conference All-Academic Team, the All-District Team, and the SVC First Team. He was also voted MVP by his teammates and was named a captain for 2020.


I left Chris a present for when he returned from the Iceman.

All the shots here today—except for the gourd dick dummy—were taken with the Ricoh GR digital. Such an awesome little camera.


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