No Show Blobs

With a busy weekend of travel for B’s soccer ahead of me, I had hoped to get out for a ride on Friday morning. However, the 40+ mile per hour winds changed my mind and had me content to just get some stuff done around the house before we needed to head downstate for an evening match.

B doing his thing.

With a match at 6 PM and another one at 10 AM the next morning, we decided just to stay overnight to avoid getting home at 10 PM and then having to get up at 5 AM to drive 2+ hours again. We got home on Saturday afternoon with plenty of time for me to get a ride in. I did not ride.


On Sunday morning I finally had the itch to ride. So after a quick breakfast and multiple cups of coffee, I headed out for a quick Better Than The Trainer Ride™. That was not the original plan, but the radar showed a huge blob of rain coming our way so I figured I’d better make it quick.

It turns out that aside from a few sprinkles we never got that huge blob of rain and I could have stayed out much longer. In any event, it was nice to get outside after two days of being cooped up in the car.

Lots to do today after a weekend of travel and slack, riding will probably wait until tomorrow.


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