Out of The Saddle


That rear brake cable.

As expected, there has been little no time in the saddle since Saturday’s foray out onto the snirt roads. Most of that is due to doing a crap ton of other shiz that seemed more important than freezing my tits off out on some desolate frozen dirt road.

Sunday I rode the trainer while watching the second half of the Chelsea v Man U match, then ate some lunch and went for a walk through the back alleys of town with the Fuji X100s. I nabbed a few shots here and there to satisfy my creative itch (which it seems is very similar to jock itch or an STD) and then headed home to make up a meatloaf.


Wheels through the fence.



Wheels over the fence.



This one is called Resting Tires With Bucket.



The world’s greatest grandpa drives a not so great truck.



A cycle-salmon going up stream.


Monday was spent doing a variety of things that included such crowd favorites as running three miles on the treadmill, grocery shopping, doing laundry, painting the bathroom ceiling and going to check out some homes for sale with our realtor, Wifey and B-Man. I could only hope that Tuesday would bring something better.

It didn’t. It brought a VERY short one mile run on the treadmill, some weights, some paper work doin’, some phone calls, more errands, and more laundry. However I did manage to sneak out to the backyard with my camera during my cool down to snap a few pics of a local White Breasted Nuthatch that feeds in my backyard. Normally I have to shoot through the back door glass, but today Mr. Nuthatch was more than cooperative as I sat shooting pics on the deck in the crisp 30˚ temps, snow flurries, and dick tip freezing wind.




Tomorrow looks to be another day spent indoors from what I see of the temps and winds. I could handle the temps, but the temps plus the wind makes me less enthused. I sort of got my mind on some things what Wifey and I are waiting on, a meeting I have on Thursday about a horse, and praying that the suit I want to wear to said meeting about a horse still fits. All good stuff, but still distracting.

In better news…


A rare smile from B in front of my camera.

Tomorrow B-Man turns twelve years old. I really can’t believe it! He truly is my favorite person in the world, and I couldn’t love him more, or be more proud of him. I’m looking forward to singing him happy birthday when I wake him up in the morning, have him scream at me for singing to him at 6:35 AM, and taking him out to the local Mexican restaurant tomorrow night. Of course we’re only going to the Mexican joint because he loves their chicken strips. Ug, lots of work to do on his palate! At least I’ll get to have fish tacos.


That look you get when you take ANOTHER pic of your kid.

Anxious to get back outside, but thankfully I’ve been so busy that I don’t feel too stressed about it. Not that I have anything to stress about, my riding is for the pure fun of it. Not for any pissing contests or Strava bullshit. Easier to buy bigger pants than stress about stacking up miles in February.

Now it’s time to head upstairs before the sleep medicine kicks in and I fall asleep at my desk.


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