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24576015179_a56f852958_cThursday, 6:14 AM

On Wednesday I was filled with nervousness for a variety of reasons; the proud, yet daunting reality that my boy was turning 12, waiting for a response from our real estate agent concerning an offer Wifey and I made on a home, and I was attempting not to think about a job interview scheduled for Thursday morning. All of those things are good and/or potentially great things, but my mind can’t focus on too much change at once, so I knew I needed to get outside to blow the mental stink off of me.

However with temperatures hovering around 20˚ with a steady wind, I opted to grab my camera and attempt a quick four-ish mile hike in the woods at Deerfield Park to steady my mind.


In theory that was a great idea, but in reality it was a fail, for as soon as I stepped onto the trail leading into the woods it was apparent that under that dusting of fresh snow there was nothing but solid ice–and me without crampons.

I walked on the sides of the trail–practically in the woods themselves–when I could, but it was clear that 4+ miles of this was not going to happen without threat of a broken patella. I snapped a few pics, tried to clear my mind, then headed back to the car.




Ice fishing shanty on thin ice.

My local feathered friends were pecking at the feeder when I pulled in the driveway, so I grabbed my camera and attempted to get a couple more shots of ’em. I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere between my fortieth and forty-fourth birthday, and the last and first holes on my belt, I became enamored with watching birds. Not being a bird watcher with binoculars and moleskin guidebook, but watching them in the way a sociopath might watch fish in an aquarium. I find it relaxing, like an ornithological bong hit. I was able to snap a couple pics of a some black-capped chickadees. Been trying to get one for a while, but they’re so small it can be quite difficult.


Later, after watching a bad FA Cup tie, Wifey and I took B-Man and his buddy out for some food and then some cake back at our house. There was double reason to celebrate since we got the call earlier in the afternoon that our bid on the house was accepted and we can get our suburban cul de sac on. I dig our house now and the location close to town  but being surrounded by rentals and the lack of space inside and out has been harder and harder lately. Wifey busts her brain to bring home the bacon, she and B-Man deserve better and I’m happy for them. I am stoked too of course, not just because I dig the house (MORE THAN ONE BATHROOM!!… A DISHWASHER!!!!), but now it’s just a 1.25 mile pedal from door to dirt roads and even less to the start of my standard 40 mile road loop (which I guess now will be my standard 35.5 mile road loop).


B-Man at the stroke of 12 years old.

OK, two life changing happenings down, one to go. Time to squeeze my ass into a too tight suit and get interviewed for a job.


Thursday 1:10 PM

Interview done and dusted. It all went fine and I should know something next week. The job (for the county) has nothing to do with graphic design, but it’s an office job and I think I could do it just fine. Whether they think I could do it just fine remains to be seen. The biggest win of the interview was making it there and back without splitting my pants. I looked, and felt, like one of those muffin top college dudes that forces himself into skinny jeans because all his frat brothers wear them but in reality should be wearing XXL sweat pants 24/7.

OK, that’s all of life I can handle for a while. Looking forward to doing just about anything that doesn’t involve me wearing that suit again over the next few days. There is plenty to do in the coming weeks and months ahead, but it will all be worth it in the end.


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