Paved Miles

I woke up to a layer of slush on Saturday morning, so the morning was spent doing Saturday type stuff, followed by a trainer ride and strength training in the basement of the Cul-de-sac Shack. Sadly, if I had just waited a few more hours, the temps rose, the slush was all but gone, and I could have easily squeezed in a road loop. But I didn’t, ’cause I’m dumb.

I promised myself that I would not make the same mistake on Sunday, so once I got B home from his noon soccer practice, I quickly stuffed my various fatty bits into some lycra and headed out for a quick road loop.

I prefer the relative safety, and scenery of the dirt roads, but after a week of slushy snow and cool temps they are soft, muddy messes. So I concocted a new paved loop that comes in just under 30.5 miles that I was happy with.

With the temps hovering in the low to mid 40s with a cool breeze coming from the south/west I knew it would be hard to hit the “what to wear?” sweet spot. A base layer, jersey, jacket, bibs, leg warmers, wool socks, cycling cap, regular shoes, and standard gloves seemed to do just fine. I was warm, but not too warm, and other than some numb fingers at the ride’s end I never got too cold. Having said all that, as I approached the turn for my street at the end of the ride I saw a kid hauling ass down the road on a BMX bike wearing a t-shirt and shorts, gotta be native Michigander!

I was pleased with the length of the new loop, the 30.5 mile paved loop is long enough to not be a Better Than The Trainer Ride™, but can be completed fast enough that it doesn’t eat up a huge chunk of time (not that my slack ass wants for that). It is also completed on paved roads that are lower-ish traffic, or at very least provide a generous shoulder to ride on. Of course, I’m never one to get too complacent on paved roads, lest ye get struck down by a speeding milk truck.

Since I’m all about rewarding myself for what I once considered to be just normal, every day physical activities, I picked up a bottle of Founders KBS to enjoy while watching DVRed footy later in the afternoon. KBS is an excellent, 11.8% ABV, limited release that comes out each spring, and while it is damn good, I don’t know if it’s $7.99 per 12 ounce bottle good! Then again that steep price keeps me from buying more than one, and undoing all the calorie burning goodness that a ride provides.

This coming week looks to be all over the place weather wise, but unlike last week, I should be able to get in more than a couple rides.


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