Plugins & Altered Plans

Yesterday morning was spent getting some things done, but mostly fucking around trying to find a gallery plugin that I liked. There are some real crap plugins out there.

After I found the plugin I wanted I then needed to actually upload the photos, create the gallery, and hurriedly do a crap post about a crap hike in crap weather so I could get to for a ride for the first time in days. A ride that would no doubt have me feeling like crap.

Not sure if any of that (the plugin search and the writing) was worth anything to anyone but me, but such is life.

After a night of rain and cool temps earlier in the week, I didn’t know what to expect from the dirt roads; they could have been muddy quagmires of mud and horse piss rutted up by Amish buggies or packed down and tacky. Turns out they were a little bit of both, but not nearly as bad as they could have been. I’ll take it.

I went south of town, rode for a couple hours and had some fun with my camera. I got a few shots that I dig and was stoked to be outside. We here in Michigan are still waiting for more spring-like temps to arrive but, as always, things could be worse.

As I type this a giant blob of rain is just about overhead. The chance for a morning ride may be quickly slipping away. I may need to move to plan B. Plan B is, of course, going back to bed, pulling the covers up over my head and sleeping until I figure out Plan C… which could take anywhere from two minutes to two days.

As always, I took more pics during my ride yesterday, most of them can be seen in the gallery below. Click the pic to navigate, etc.


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