Before things get good, they usually have to be bad.

After working all day Thursday at the shop, I was anxious to get out and ride and shoot (pics) on Friday. Sadly that did not work out.

When I got up shortly after Wifey, I could see that we had some early morning rain, and the skies continued to be dark and gray. Given the dark skies and morning precip, I chose to avoid the potential mud and grit of the gravel and dirt roads and looked to get a steady tempo ride in on the paved rail trail in Clare. I did what I could to get coffeed up and out the door before any additional rains came but just as I was leaving it started to drizzle.

“Drizzle, shizzle, I’m riding!” I thought as I pointed the Escape northward, put Parquet Courts on the Hi-Fi, and hoped for the best.

I wasn’t even halfway there before it started pouring rain. I continued on, hoping that it would end before I arrived in Clare. It did not.

I sat in the car looking like a creepy trailhead parking lot masturbator as I tried to wait it out, but it continued to piss down. So I aborted and headed back to the Cul-De-Sac-Shack to drink coffee and lurk around Instagram before taking on the day.

The rain and storms held off for B’s first high school scrimmage Friday night, but I think most folks wish they hadn’t.

It was great to see B back on the pitch but (at risk at sounding like a huge dick) it goes without saying that the school’s JV team and his club team are at opposite ends of the football spectrum. The 5-0 pre-season defeat was pretty brutal to watch. My biggest concern is keeping B motivated and happy to play for his new school. The club will start up with some indoor matches in early winter, so if he can maintain some semblance of happiness on the pitch until then, it will all be good. Sigh.

I did get out for a nice ride on Saturday, but motivation to blog about that has yet to happen.


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