Psycho Weather


Wow, the Michigan weather has been even more psycho this spring than usual and today was no exception.

After going rideless the past two days, I was able to squeeze in a lap at MMCC today after some early morning family stuff. Sadly the lap was cut short by rain. Actually the rain, was no big deal, since MMCC holds water well and it’s not like I am going to melt from water or anything, but the unforeseen storm brought a drop in tempsĀ from the mid 50s to the mid 40s. That combined with rain, wind and me without a jacket, arm or knee warmers meant that I was freezing my mangelos off. So, the 16 mile lap once again became an 11 mile lap. Frig.

Of course by the time I got back to my car the sun was peaking out. Then it was gone… then we got more rain. Then is was sunny. Then it stormed. Fucking psycho man.

Oh well, hoping to get up to Hanson Hills tomorrow for some riding. Other than those couple of fat bike rides there in March, this will be the first time I’ve beenĀ riding there this year. Looking forward to it.


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