Quick Rides, Quicker Posts

Call it a short ride, call it a quick ride, I call it a Better Than The Trainer Ride©, and that is what needed to be had on Thursday.

Squeeze it in, sweat a bit, get home, get food, get showered, get my ass to a 1 PM appointment. Done.

Not the best ride in the world but I like knowing that I got 22 quick miles in, and pressed the shutter button a couple of times rather than not doing anything.

Even though I hate Fall, its stupid leaves, and all the nauseating pumpkin spice that comes with it, the cooler temps have been a bit nicer for my big boned “husky” self to ride in lately.

As for this post; write some stuff, post some pics, drink some coffee, hit the Publish button, and get on the bike for a Fuck Yeah Friday Ride.



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