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Someday this will all be over. Eventually, I will wake up in the morning and know what day it is, and care what day it is. Someday the country won’t be a polarized and divided dumpster fire, and the name of the orange fuck face in the White House will just be a despicable footnote in the pretty darn, not bad history of our country.

Until that day comes, I will keep doin’ what I do to make life fun: ride bikes, take photos, hike trails, love my wife and kid, watch the footy, drink beer, and make food.


Any pretenses of this shit show being a legit cycling blog sailed long ago and ultimately sunk in a sesspool of unfunny commentary, unsolicited opinion, and sorry attempts at humor. For that, I offer you my most unsincere half-hearted apologies. Someday this blog and I will just be a despicable footnote in the pretty darn, not bad history of the internet.


Until that day comes, I will keep doin’ what I do to scratch my creative itch: write unneeded, unwanted hyperbolic dross, post photos from my rides, hikes, and life, and come clean that I really don’t care what day it is.

Not sure where all that word salad came from. I could have just said I only rode my bike twice this week. Once in the woods of MMCC for 11 miles or so, and one sweet 28-mile dirt road ride. Both rides were excellent, and I look forward to more in the coming days.

Should we go back? We should go back.


Corn on gravel.


This chickpea burger came out totally legit. My best so far!

On a side note: B got his braces off this week! Yeah! It’s been a long 2+ year journey for him that started with having 5 wisdom teeth pulled (yes, 5), braces, and a tiny chain installed in his mouth to pull a wayward tooth back into place. Then having the braces removed was delayed for a couple of months to do the lockdown. Other than the pain of the wisdom teeth, I never heard him complain once. Love that kid!

Straight teeth and wonderful locks of ginger.

Speaking of B, he’s also been busy this summer directing and filming some music videos. He did one for his friend Izzy (AKA rapper Lil Musty), and then another for a singer-songwriter named Rahim. I think B did a great job of capturing two very different artists. 

Teenagers get a lot of shit, but seeing Izzy and Rahim writing and performing original music and B directing, filming, and editing the videos entirely on his own has been amazing to watch and gives me hope for the future. Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids saying, “fuck you” to the haters and being creative.

OK, time to figure out what I’m going to do on this rainy day that is reportedly Sunday.


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