Silence is Golden (Golden)

My silence here on this digital fish wrap of a blog is my gift to you. But I guess that’s over now. Sorry.

There was no great reason for my silence, just busy with real life. Most of my spare time revolved around B’s soccer. He was hurt, then came back and had a few games in a short period. That meant, as the unofficial team photographer, I was shooting, editing, and posting hundreds of game photos for the kids and parents.


While I’m sure it will inevitably return, my bike mojo is currently at an all-time low. It’s almost as if I am in cycling menopause, and no amount of hardcore, rubber on dirt, inspirational cycling porn can get my juices flowing again. Until I get through this change of life, I guess I will just keep on keeping on shooting soccer, making homemade, cockle-warming vegetarian soups, and staring at the wall waiting for my dried up mojo to ooze through my saddle soreless loins like curdled milk.



It could be a while, but stay tuned for oozing mojo. (Why do I have the feeling I’ve also said that to Wifey a few times recently).


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