I Still Don’t Know

I fully admit that there was a moment when I had no idea what day it was when I woke up this morning. I thought I was over that part of our little 8 month long and counting worldwide pandemic, but alas—nay.

When that bit of momentary memory loss passed I rubbed my eyes, farted, yawned, and said, “Wednesday. It’s Wednesday. Wednesday, how the fuck did we get here?”

I laid in bed for a bit, playing mental catch up with my brain (not code for masturbation), then looked at the weather on my phone, and realized that shit was going to get stormy this morning, so any physical activity I do (or in this case DON’T do) before my early afternoon appointment with the O.G. Mindbender and late afternoon soccer match would need to be done in the Not So Stankment to avoid the thunderstorms and cold rain that are moving into the area.

Right now, it’s dark as night in the house, thunder is clapping outside, and rain is steadily falling as I sit in my office writing and editing photos from yesterday’s short hike. I have to admit, it’s sort of nice.

The photos seen here today were taken during yesterday’s short hike. Some are macro, some are not.


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