Small Bagging It


Always dig a good farm truck.

Late August and early September it was gloomy as hell here in Michiganderburgh. I swear we went nearly a solid week at one point without seeing the sun. Most of the time our winters aren’t even like that! Thankfully that has change over the past few days have been it’s been gloriously sunny. Today it was more even glorious ’cause after four days of slack, I finally got back in the saddle for a ride.


A lonely dirt road tree.

Today I rode north of town on and took the new (to me) Fuji x100s with me. The more I used this camera the more I dig it! I was actually able to use my Revelate Designs Mountain Feed Bag on the Boone. For some reason I was never able to use it on my road bike or on the Jake The Snake without it hitting my knee, especially when standing. Today however, I had no issues at all with rubbing.


The beans are starting to get their yellow on.

Of course, all that glitters, is not gold when utilizing the mountain feedbag:

  1. The camera fits, but it’s a tight fit which makes utilizing the lens hood impossible. It would also be impossible in the future to fit the camera in the bag using the telephoto conversion lens.
  2. Also–again with the tight fit–the camera’s design utilizes various knobs for shutter speed and exposure compensation which can be accidentally changed when removing from the bag. This happened to me today and a few pics were way underexposed. Thankfully the RAW files were easily salvaged in Lightroom.

The corn is turning crispy.

I think for using the camera when riding the Boone, the best solution would to be a small bag mounted to the front of bars. I have a feeling if I invested in the Mini Slinger, I would be back to hitting my knees. I need to stop down the shop tomorrow, so I’ll see that they have in stock. It doesn’t have to be too big, just big enough for the camera with lens hood or additional conversion lens.

I was thankful to have squeezed a 37 mile ride in today. Hoping to do SOMETHING tomorrow, but the plumber that was supposed to be here at 8:30 has had to push it back an hour. I guess I’m at the mercy of when he shows up and how involved the repair is.


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