Smell My Cob


With the week pretty open and void of hours at the shop I headed out for another dirt road ride on the Boone today. This time I headed south of town with hopes of more dirt, less pavement, and a few more miles.

Sadly, none of that happened. Yes, I got out for a ride on the Boone, but it ended up being the SAME mileage as yesterday and an errant turn had me doing more paved miles than if I had done my usual MP North ride. On top of that, my legs felt like shit and even though I took some semi-OK pics with my Canon s95, my memory card shit the bed and the files would not download. So, the pic you see above of tall ass corn, heavy with the scent of growing cob (SNIFF!!!), is from yesterday. Sigh… I apologize for the ghettoness of the post.

I think I might just take tomorrow off the bike and head down to the shop to do some wheel work on the Superfly. There is a time in every slack cyclist’s life when you just have to say “fuck it” and not ride. I think tomorrow is that day. What am I training for anyway, the Tour de Slack?

On a cycling side note; I will be tempted to watch the Tour tomorrow–because I watch it almost everyday–but everyday, nothing happens. A few folks put in crap attacks and Froome pedals as easily as chubby rail trailer in search of the next ice cream stop to catch them–Yawn…Zzzzzzzzz…. Tour le Yawn. I really find it hard to believe I get sucked into watching that shit. I am so predictably crap, I can’t believe it–Yawn…Zzzzzzzz….. So, do NOT let me watch it tomorrow!! Makes no difference anyway, if something good happens, you know I have it recording on the DVR. See, as I always, I am predictably crap.



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