So, it’s April

I woke up early this morning 75 pounds lighter, with no signs of depression in sight, a real job to go to, and a spring in my step as my about to be fully vaccinated self danced down the steps towards a hot cup of morning coffee. 

Yeah, April fools. The vaccination part is true1, and the coffee was hot, but the rest is all lies. LIES, I SAY!! FUCKING LIES!!!


Somehow it’s Thursday, and I have no idea how. I mean, I know how it’s Thursday; I am familiar with the 24 hour day, the days of the week, the passage of time, etc., etc., I’m just saying that lots of shit has occupied my time and made the week fly by. 

Between trips to the vet for Jake, refinishing some furniture, scheduling some maintenance for the Cul-De-Sac Shack, doing some maintenance on the Cul-De-Sac-Shack, talking to contractor-ish types, Dad duties, husband duties, and enjoying a cold Michigan spring break while very much NOT in Mexico2, things have been busy and spare time for walks in the woods was limited to just one short walk at Meridian Park on Wednesday morning.

The temps were cool, the sun was out, and the omnipresent Michigan wind was blowing through the leafless—but budding—trees, making nipples hard and in-focus macro shots even harder. I walked around taking photos of budding leaves and MORE red-winged blackbirds. Oh, if all birds could be as photogenic as the RWBBs. I got a few shots, missed even more, and called it a morning before coming home to do more of whatever it is I do.

The complete batch of photos from this walk, as well as other hikes and rides with my camera, can be seen here:


  1. As of tomorrow, my 2 week waiting period is over, and I will be considered fully vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, meaning I might get sick, but I won’t shouldn’t die from Rona!
  2. Yeah, I’m bitching about not being on Spring Break while COVID continues to rage and Ma Nature blows snow flurries (and Jack Frost) on a Thursday morning; talk about First World Problems and being self-absorbed! Last year Jamaica was canceled due to COVID; this year, Mexico was canceled due to a date change by the travel company, and our want to be one of the few Americans that care about avoiding the COVID. I guess my fat ass just isn’t supposed to be on a beach in March unless it’s in Michigan, and I’m freezing my nips off.
  3. A RANT YOU NEVER REALLY WANTED: I talked a bit about the COVID vaccination in this post. I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated at the number of people who refuse to get the vaccine because they don’t trust it. These are the same people that believe in virgins giving birth in mangers, floods and arks, and will gladly do random drinks (of essentially poison) with friends at a bar when they have NO idea what’s in it, who made it, if the person shit in it, dosed it, etc. While I respect everyone’s right to put or not put something in their body, let’s not whitewash why you’re not getting the vaccine. I hope they remember these “rights” the next time these same people’s leaders want to squash LGBT rights, women’s reproductive rights, or MY RIGHT to trust science and mother fucking doctors over what some buffoon on FOX News says or what some dime store preacher in a Michigan pole barn church screams as he shakes snakes, molests the children and extorts money of/from their flock. Get the fucking vaccine so we can get back to normal, people! Sorry for the rant. Just so sorry of being the one trying to do the right thing whilst everyone else is dicking around because Dog or some politician told them. I’ll get back to bikes and cameras next time.


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