That Saturday Feel

Saturday had no Saturday feel. Why, you ask? No footy to watch. Sure, there was World Cup Qualifying, but no game really spoke to me, and other than the England squad, footy on the world stage lacks the drama and top-class screenwriting of the Premier League; from the BIG 6 all the way down to the bottom three fighting for survival due to the beauty of Promotion/Relegation. Sigh.

So, with a so-called “Saturday” at my disposal, I returned to the Forest Hill Nature Area with my Nikon Z6 camera, a 500mm 600mm lens, a vintage macro lens, and Wifey.

We walked a few miles, talked, saw a shit ton of the ubiquitous red-winged blackbirds, a woodpecker, some geese, turtles, ducks, a few spring buds, and lots of trees still bare from the Michigan winter.

I love walking and hiking with Wifey, but sometimes I fear I slip into mansplaining about what I’m trying to shoot or my finite knowledge of the local ecology. Wifey says I don’t, but I know I caught myself blabbering a few times like a cargo shorts-wearing dad in need of validation, a mental blowjob, and updated shorts. Joking aside, cameras and animal behavior are two of a possible four subjects (porn and drugs being third and fourth) that Wifey has little to no knowledge of, so who could blame a guy for getting a little “splainy” during our walk!

We saw a few other people out enjoying the day; I got a few shots, and Wifey got the few miles of walking in that she was looking for before we headed home to chill (Wifey), get a vibe on (me), and eventually spend the evening watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix together as we enjoyed the new sectional that was delivered on Friday. Yes, apparently, 49 is the age that you start to shop, spend actual money on, and “enjoy” furniture. We enjoyed our sitting—a lot.

With a proper Saturday achieved, I was in bed by 10 and up at 7:15 AM to write this dross and chase a Sunday feel until England play at noon, and Germany and Romania kickoff Sunday vibing at 2:45 PM eastern. Who knows, there might even be some photo walking in there somewhere. 

The complete batch of photos from this walk, as well as other hikes and rides with my camera, can be seen here:


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