Some Standards

After adulting most of the day on Tuesday, I was anxious to re-enter the world of underemployed slack on Wednesday with a Standard Gravel™ Ride from the Cul-De-Sac-Shack.

The ride was a short 22.5-mile loop and was pretty “meh.” It wasn’t bad in any way; it was just as the name implies, “standard.” And these days, as I look to regain some shred of fitness, I’ll take feeling good after a quick dirt road ride all day long.

Thursday was some time in the shop to stock and price inventory, and I even helped out in the work area without fucking too much up.

Thursday marked the first time since July 1st that I went a day without squeezing in some sort of physical activity. Unless you want to call sitting on the porch that evening drinking a couple beers and listening to music a physical activity. I didn’t think so. No regrets, it was fun, and I needed it.

I had plans to ride on Friday and was up early to make it happen but had to check with Ma Nature to see if the weather would cooperate.

The radar was dotted with some specs of rain, and there was the promise of possible mid-day thunderstorms, but another Standard loop looked totally doable. So I shoved a semi-toasted English muffin down my throat, guzzled some coffee, made some brown(s), got dressed, and out the door ASAP.

The loop was the same, but I replaced a paved section with a few more miles of dirt. That meant back-tracking on a road I hit earlier in the ride, but it’s a good thing anytime I can replace pavement with dirt AND add in some mileage.

As I finished, the sun started breaking through the cloud cover to warm things up, and the southerly breeze started picking up a bit. So at least I had some good luck with that.

I won’t be doing any epic rides anytime soon, but I am happy that the stoke to ride my bike continues to be rekindled and that I have the numbers on the scale going in the direction I want. It sort of sucks that I have been working my ass off, lost a nugget’s hair under 20 pounds so far, and I am just now getting back to where I was this time last year. And I was in horrible shape this time last year! Goddamn, late 2020/early 2021 did a number on me! It’s all good though, I am feeling confident about getting down to my goal weight eventually.



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