Stupid vs Stupider


A fecal laced recipe of heavy snow, strong winds, little time, and the slap in the face realization that I need to lose a toddler sized amount of weight forced me into the Stankment™ to ride the trainer for three days in a row this week. I think it’s been two years or more since I rode the trainer that many days in a row! Ever since I picked up the Fatterson there’s been no need for such stupidity. Why do something stupid like pedal a bike to nowhere in your basement, when you can do something equally as stupid–yet oddly more fun–like ride a clown bike on snow covered dirt roads in 25˚ weather.

I really think it’s the whole six vs. one half dozen thing, except that half dozen sounds better, is outside, and spread out over snowy rural Michigan while the six is confined to four concrete walls of a stank basement with a rumbling washer and dryer, and a sweat soaked patch of carpet beneath it.


Snowbound Ford.

The struggle I faced this week betweenst the various levels of stupid was real, but in the end the trainer was there for me, I used it like a $5 harlot but never looked back as I rolled the Fatterson by it on my way out the door to ride on Thursday.


Looked over my shoulder and found this shot.

It had been eleven days since ass hit saddle and rubber rolled outside. Eleven long days. Eight-ish inches of puked down snow earlier in the week made for mostly fast rolling snow packed dirt roads, yet some low lower traffic roads had long stretches of soft, speed stifling snow that had me working hard to keep the Fatterson straight and upright.

A few pre-snow storm days of higher temps, followed by a few days spent sweating riding indoors had the mid-twenties temperatures feeling way worse than they should have in my Michiganderburgher bones. That, combined with the fact that I lost my good balaclava and was forced to uncomfortably cram my fat head into one made for a twelve year old, had me cutting the ride to just around an hour and a half. Regardless of the ride’s length it was nice to be off the trainer and outside riding with my camera.


Horse Profile No. 1

The ride was also a nice way to keep the first week of  Fit to Fat and Back going strong. The week has gone well; portions have been controlled, macros have been counted, and a few pounds have been dropped. Only like forty more to go!


Why in the world is that dumb ass out riding his bike in this cold?

As I type this Friday morning I am still debating on what forms of fitness the day will bring. I need to get more than a few house selling errands done, so I may do something quick and stupid indoors and save things stupider for Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to the weekend, Wifey’s return from a weeklong business trip to D.C. and hopefully some outdoor activities with bike and camera.

Horse Profile No. 2

Horse Profile No. 2

Hope to put up more pics from the ride on the Junk Miles site later. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but at some point that is the plan.


Note: All photos taken with the Fuji X-T10 except the first photo which was taken with the Canon s95.

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