Sub Par, Good Enough


Last week started off well enough; I received my Fuji X-T1, the weather looked great for the week, and I felt really good during Monday’s ride. Then things went south, but not too far south.

The week prior B had been a little sick, nothing major, just a head cold. So I knew I was on borrowed time until I was greeted with the same, and I was right. Tuesday night I started to feel it coming on, and by late day Wednesday I had a constant flow of snot and a sore throat. The first cold of the season was a upon me. Shit.


Like B’s cold, it was mostly just a head cold at first, but as the week went on I got increasingly achy, and it morphed into a bit of a cough. But like any cold, there’s really not much you can do about it. So, I stayed hydrated (meaning I had some weeknight beers), rested when I could, took some over the counter crap, and otherwise went about my day being of no real use to society. I also squeezed in a few rides before another busy soccer weekend came.


I was less than thrilled to ride a couple of the days, and the rides weren’t all that long, or great, but I didn’t want to be a complete slug, so I forced myself out the door and on the bike.


I was glad I did, because once I got warmed up, the sweat started flowing, and the snot rockets started to fly, I felt good. Not great, but good, and sometimes that’s good enough.


Since the Boone still has a loaner wheel on it, I confined my girthliness to the PrOcal and the Fatterson for the week’s dirt road rambles. Other than Monday morning’s ride, I also used the X-T1 for all my picture-taking need. Really love the results I can achieve with the Fuji.


Aside from residual sludge, my cough and cold is mostly gone, and I was looking forward to riding today at some point. However it’s currently it’s pissing down rain, but if it lets up later, I might take the Fatterson out to wallow in the mud, harvested crops, and deer chewed corn north of town for a bit.






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