A Lost Weekend, Sort Of


I knew going into last weekend that there would probably be no riding had. B had a match in Grand Rapids on Saturday that would have us gone most of the day, Wifey had plans for us that night, and Sunday B had another match at home, which isn’t really like a home game because his club is 40 minutes from where we live. But that’s all good stuff. Both matches were good, both were wins for his team, and B scored his first goal in the regular season during Saturday’s 2-1 victory. Yeah.

Now to backtrack a bit…

With the knowledge of the coming weekend, I made sure I headed out on Friday for 30+ dirt road miles south of town on the PrOcal. I have a loaner wheel for the Boone, but I don’t really trust it, or rather me on it, so for now I just keep riding my hardtail until I get a new improved wheel, or lose weight. Good thing I’m getting used to riding the Procaliber on dirt roads!


Riding the dirt roads south of town are always good for some Amish encounters, and this time of year, with the harvest starting and winter prep happening, you see even more activity than usual.


I get so used to seeing the more modern farming north of town, that coming across the horse-drawn plows, and all the steampunk Amish farm contraptions is a nice change of pace.


The roads were super dusty and sandy, and I was sort of glad to be on the husky bike rather than the “skinny” 40 c tires of the Boone. The wider tires helped a ton, and on many of the super washboard roads I even unlocked the fork for some added comfort. Me = soft like puddin’.

After a soccer filled family weekend I was stoked to get back to some riding on Monday. I got out earlier than usual, and was treated to some cool morning temps, and a fox sighting!


There was a lot of farm cat action too. The barnyard mouser below had some of the best eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat! I don’t even really like cats, but this was one good looking cat.


I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and a variety of other things to do, but rather than eat lunch I snuck out for a quick 16.7 mile loop from the house to sweat a bit, and to try out the Fuji X-T1 that arrived Monday to replace my second failed X-T10. Thank God for SquareTrade warranties!! With the X-T2 now out, a weather resistant X-T1 (with free battery grip), was able to be had for the exact price of my SquareTrade refund.


I probably had time to go a bit further, but didn’t want to risk not getting back in time to fetch B from school. Because I know me, and if someone can find a way to flat, have their spare tube be full of holes, or brake a frame in two, 15 miles from home, I’m your guy! So with that I was content with the short ride, and getting used to the X-T1.


Other than some of the ergonomics and the weather sealing, there really isn’t that much of a difference from the Fuji X-T10–same sensor, file size, etc., I really dig my Nikon D7100, but the Fuji X systems just have a look that I love, and I like the lenses way more than the Nikon lenses that I can afford. I doubt that it will become a soccer shooter, but as my ride documenter, it should be awesome. provided it doesn’t shit the bed multiple times like its predecessor.


As I finish this belated post, we’re in the middle of a “rain event” according to Weather.com; pouring rain, wind, thunder, lightening, and possible hail. I’ve also obtained a cold from B-Man, who obtained it from the disgusting germ pool of the classroom. Not even a month into the school year and we’re all sick. Humans really are quite disgusting.

Hoping for a ride on Thursday and more time with the X-T1.



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