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When In Doubt, Cook Up Chicken


As you may or may not know, I hesitate to call my riding, time on the trainer and in the gym “training.” I suppose it sort of is, but I think of it more as “doing stuff” so as not to get even fatter… and an attempt to get back to just mildly embarrassing myself on the bike next season (oppose to completely embarrassing myself as I did in 2013). Having once again said that disclaimer of my slackness and douchery I can get to the post at hand…

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A Sign From The Carb Gods….

Tuesday was a ride banked on a better Wednesday ride. Wednesday sucked due to a supposed storm that never showed up and thoughts of a better THURSDAY ride now crept in my skull.

Enter Thursday– I got kitted up, filled my bottles, lubed the chain and set off.  Just 5 miles down the road I started moving in sloooww…. moshheeeeee-onnn….


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The Soiled Frittata


The Soiled Frittata is a mashup of Italian and Mediterranean influences on a white trash tip. What makes it white trash? I made it. Everything I cook pretty much comes with the sub-head of “white trash” in the title. Actually, the entire name for this should be The Soiled Primal-ish White Trash Frittata but it was too long to put in the title. Bummer. Continue Reading →

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