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Thanks A Lot


It’s the eve before Thanksgiving Eve (also known as Tuesday) and the day/eve, was a fucking mess. We got an ice storm last night, so B-Man’s school was cancelled today and I needed to get the snow tires back on the xB. Not to mention I had a million other things to do as we prepare for our trip back to Western PA for the holiday. Thankfully (or not) I had the chance to squeeze in 40 minutes on the trainer. 40 minutes that would have been better spent guzzling a vodka/sleeping pill/Lexapro cocktail instead of half heartedly spinning along and going nowhere for 40 minutes of a planned 60.

Don’t get me wrong, I am anxious to see my father, brother, sister, and in-laws, but mentally I would rather suck on a gas pipe than have to endure four days of explaining why the magazine went bust and I am mooching off my Wife’s brain and (thankfully) its associated income with no gainful employment in sight. But… such is life. I am very thankful. A slacker, but a THANKFUL slacker.

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A Fall Day On Dirt Roads

While this is technically fall, It just hasn’t felt like it, at least not the nipple hardening type of fall riding that I am used to. Night-time temperatures have been cool and during the day it’s been mostly sunny with temps in the 70s and NO humidity, so it’s been about as perfect as you can get for riding. Today was one of those days, so I got out riding on the dirt and gravel roads again for couple hours.


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