Talking GAS*

*Gear Acquisition Syndrome

On Things Not Really Cycling, Again

Back about five years ago, I had a Nikon D7100 DX camera, and for reasons that I can’t remember, I sold it. I THINK it was because I started getting into the Fuji X System and thought I would switch to full-on Fuji. As it turns out, I sold all my Fuji gear and went all-in on Nikon Full Frame. Going the opposite direction of most photographers and crap picture takers such as myself.

The Flying Bohunk (circa 2017 and D7100 v.1)


Random Petoskey HS player vs MPHS (circa 2016 and D7100 v.1)


JB doing JB stuff at Frost Cross (circa 2016, D7100 v.1)

I moved away from Fuji mainly because I already own (and have been gifted) a shit ton of Nikkor lenses and because when I upgraded to the X-T3 and the RAW files looked like shit in Lightroom. For all I know, that has been fixed now through firmware updates or some such thing, but the lure of shooting sports with Nikon full-frame cameras was too much. So over the past couple of years, I have bought and sold bodies, lenses, and bikes to nail down a Nikon full-frame system that makes me happy. With one sacrifice: Portability.

My Nikon Full Frame Bodies:

  1. The BEAST of a sports shooter: The Nikon D4 (used and so fun to shoot sports with)
  2. The Sexy ALMOST perfect body: The Nikon Z6 (the GOAT and the only camera I own that I’ve bought new)
  3. The About to Get Sold: Nikon D610 (used)

The Nikon Z6 is ALMOST a perfect camera for me except for two to three or four things: 

  1. I don’t own any native Z mount lenses, and the one I wanted is not only $800; it’s also unavailable due to COVID and dog knows what else, even though it was SUPPOSED to be available over a year ago. Boo!
  2. With that said, I use an F to Z adapter for my lenses on the Zed, increasing the size and of the camera body and making it more difficult to fit the camera with, say, a 200 or 300mm zoom lens into my Ortlieb bar bag; a zoom is my preferred type of lens for riding dirt roads since it allows me to get closer shots of rural Michigan without getting too close to the gun-wielding freaks that live in rural Michigan who don’t trust obese cyclists with cameras. Who can blame them? We are all a bunch of dope-smoking, Commie freaks! Not really; some are just freaks.
  3. I have a few DX lenses that I love using and, of course, can use them on the Zed (with the aforementioned F2Z adapter), but that takes the Zed from a 20MP full-frame camera down to a 10MP camera. Not that I haven’t done it, but it’s not ideal, especially if I need to crop.
  4. I could have got a sweet little used Z50 DX camera for about $600 (used). If I want to use my lenses, I once again have to use the adapter. Not a deal-breaker but not ideal, especially since I would need to pick up a second adapter since B uses my Zed 6 for his side hustle, so with taxes and shipping, I’d be up to over $800. More booing, please.

Hall’s Lake (D7100 v.2 used on rest of images seen here)

I LOVE my Z6 and want it to be around a while, and given my re-newed want to ride my mountain bike more again, I don’t want any accidents with a camera that expensive (even though I have insurance on it). So, enter a used D7100.

The D7100 takes all my lenses, is small1, has a 24 MB (helps me with cropping) DX sized sensor, and I only paid $400, and once I sell my D610, that number should come down.


It’s sort of sad/funny that in just five years, I came full circle back to owning a camera I sold because I thought I wanted/needed something better. Turns out I didn’t. Maybe I do suffer from GAS?



  1. Size is by no means the only reason to get a mirrorless body, but it is a plus for sure. I also think it’s funny that as camera manufacturers progress with new and better mirrorless bodies, the size of many full-frames has gotten up to DSLR size. Funny. Sort of.

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