That Hobo Taste


This photo has nothing to do with anything other than it’s the only photo in my recent stash that comes close to illustrating how I feel right now.

Late Thursday afternoon I realized that I had on a flannel shirt along with a hooded sweatshirt and slippers AND I was sitting in front of a space heater. This wouldn’t have been all that unusual for me, except that it wasn’t all that cold, in fact it was raining. I wondered if I might be getting ill but then got sidetracked and forgot about it.

Friday morning I woke up to the sounds of 30 to 45 mph winds, blowing snow and ice and to an email telling me that B-Man’s school was canceled for the second time that week. I also woke up with that nasty ass taste in my mouth that tells me I’m sick. OR that I spent the night licking the sweaty grey grizzled face of a passed out stinky drunken hobo. Shit.

Along with that hobo taste I had some achiness, itchy eyes and sneezing. Yep, I’m gettin’ sick. I popped some cold pills, had two to seven cups of coffee and was feeling OK. I rode the trainer for an hour, had an excellent workout and was looking forward to hanging out with Wifey and B-Man watching TV that night. Maybe I’m not sick?

Saturday I woke up feeling sick again. Shit (again). OK, I admit it, I’m sick.

Since then I have been enjoying the feeling of being sick half the day, fine the other half, sleeping like shit and having jacked up cold medication induced dreams (Note to self: do NOT watch a horrific documentary about Nazi Germany before taking cold medication and going to bed).

As you can imagine, the weekend was void of riding– which was no big deal– because all of central Michigan is like a lunar landscape of ice and hard crusty snow drifts and riding is pretty impossible no matter WHAT sort of bike you’re rolling.

Oh well, it’s just a cold no the flu (I think) and I did make it to the gym today for an hour 1:15 of doing stuff to get a big sweat on. Who knew you could sweat snot out through the pores in your arms?

Hoping to get back on the bike (even the trainer at this point) in the next few days and REALLLLLY hoping that this winter ends soon. Just when I was starting to actually enjoy the snow it turned into a disgusting frozen wasteland (drama bomb!).

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