The Rebound Ride


After last week’s brilliant (for me) return to the saddle and near daily riding, this week has be quite the opposite. As of mid morning today (Saturday) I’ve ridden twice this week. Tuesday’s 42 mile road/gravel ride and Friday’s quick “better than the trainer” 23 mile gravel ride. Sigh.


I mentioned Tuesday that my seat post slipped during the ride, and how it wasn’t enough to cause any pain. Well, it wasn’t enough to cause any pain during the ride, but since then my left knee has been less than perfect. I rode through it during Friday’s short “rebound” ride but am taking today off from riding in the hopes that it will be back to 100% normal for Sunday.


Friday was the first ride of the fall with knee and arm warmers, I was less than thrilled about that but realize that in another month or so I’ll be praying for knee and arm warmer weather. (Can I sigh more than once in a post?)


You may be asking why I include the extremely poor photo above? Well, this is what it looks like when you take your camera out to snap a photo of some cows up ahead and a deer bolts out from your left and cruises 10 to 15 feet in front of you. I was a bit startled to say the least and almost left some of my breakfast in the chamois. Of all the times that deer have ran out in front of me–in the woods and on the dirt roads–this was the closest one has ever come. It all made me think of my Mount Peezy friend Chris who was decked by a deer a few years back during a gravel road night ride. That incident left him with a separated shoulder and seeking help from a nearby farm house who thought he was a nut job looking to rob them. Oh well, I’ll take these little dirt road hazards over angry drivers and heavy traffic.

Off to Bay City for B-Man’s first regular season match of the fall.



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