The Third Time


Thursday’s ride was a fail due to poor trail conditions, Friday was a treadmill run day due to a B-Man snow day (WOOT!) and Saturday’s ride was a fail due to sub-Arctic winds, blowing snow and my fat, stupid ass forgetting my balaclava. BUT! [insert royal trumpet blasts here]… I ACTUALLY had a successful ride today. Third time’s a charm bitches (that’s gangster-speak, no offense).


As per usual, my winter fat bike rides aren’t all that long, 20 to 25 miles is about my norm. As a snow, cold and winter hater, I am OK with that. For me it’s all about getting outside for a ramble, taking some photos, burning off some beer and white trash Mexican food calories and survive winter without falaciating a Luger.

Most of today’s ride was excellent; the sun was out, the temps were in the low thirties and climbing, the roads were slick but not solid sheets of ice and the snow was a tad soft (which required a bit more work than usual), but it was pretty packed down on most roads. In fact, the dirt roads are in better shape than many of the roads here in town, including my front street!


I’ve had better, longer, harder and more scenic rides than today’s, but anytime I can get outside and roll around on my bike un the middle of a Michiganderburgh winter, it’s a good day.


Tomorrow bring the start of another week which mean we are one week closer to spring. Look at me thinking positive! Meds must be working. Time to got admire my winter sun/wind burn, make some dinner and have a beer.


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