Three In One


Last week featured a series of wet, foggy rides. Since then the sun has returned and the temperatures seem to have become a bit more moderate. Both welcome events.

Since my last post, I’ve been a bit busy, yet still managing to get some rides in. Three so far to be exact, starting with a short one last Saturday. A ride that I really didn’t feel like doing, but after some encouraging words from B-Man, and knowing that Sunday would be filled with driving down to the Detroit suburbs and back for a soccer game, I figured I’d better roll while I could.

The roads were much drier than my previous ride, so I returned to using the PrOcal. The temps were pretty chilly on Saturday, and a windstopper base layer was utilized for the first time since early last spring, which got me thinking that I really need to invest in another Craft windstopper! The one I have I’ve been using at least 5 years or more. It’s still getting the job done, but needs washed–or at least hung up to dry– almost daily in the fall and winter months.


Aside from being confronted by an aggressive, pissed off German Shepard for the second time in a week, it was nice to get out. I had a late start, so the ride clocked in at just around 23 miles, but I was out in the sun, clouds, and crisp autumn temps, so it was still mentally worth while.


I was off the bike on Sunday but was able to get out on Monday for a 32.5 mile ride south of town. It’s interesting that as the leaves change, and much of the plant life around recedes, many of the field are bright green as many farmers plant cover crops. The bright greens along with the sun, blue sky, and fall leaves are easy on the eyes for sure.


I revisited some southern roads I hadn’t been on in while. The deep sand on a couple reminded me of why I don’t ride them that often, but others made up for it with some photo ops.




On Tuesday I woke up feeling less than enthused about just about everything, including a ride, but somehow found the mojo to force myself out, and managed to pull off 33.5 mile ride from the house on dirt roads north of town.


For not really wanted to do anything but lay in bed and wallow in my ongoing, seven year, personal pit of despair, I was pretty happy with most of the ride. The only part that sucked was heading home, which was directly into a southerly headwind. That sucked, or should I say blew?






Monday and Tuesday I rode with the Fuji X-T1 again. I really love this camera for shooting during my rides, it really helps me capture the look I want. I prefer using it cloudy, and drab conditions, but even in bright sun it often helps me capture what I want.


I realize that I’ve become slacker than ever about posting here, it’s not from a lack of wanting to, it’s just that it’s obvious that my rides aren’t much of anything, and are done for no reason other than enjoyment. I figure a post like this one that covers three rides, and keeps my blathering to a minimum, and photos to a maximum, is worth it. At least that’s what I hope.



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