Rolling & Slogging


Wednesday and Thursday brought two more dirt road rides. Wednesday’s ride was finally in some sun south of town on the PrOcal, and Thursday’s ride was a muddy slog north of town on the Fatterson in dense fog.

My ride south was a route that I’ve now attempted twice, and failed twice because of missing a turn. The first time it was just me not paying attention, the second time I thought I took the correct turn, but the road sign was missing, and as it was, I should have gone another mile or two, and then made the turn. No matter, it was still a great ride in some nice fall weather.

I was happy with the photos I took on both days with the Fuji X-T1, so rather than blather on about crap 32.5 and 22.5 mile rides, I will just throw the pics up with some crap commentary. Not to mention I’m a little pressed for time today.


Nabbed another pic of a dirt road farm mouser on the prowl. Oddly enough it was cohabitating with some chickens in the same garden. I would have thought the cat would have looked at them like an all you can eat KFC buffet.


Rolling along one dirt road I saw a couple a couple of goats in their pen. Not sure what they were up to, but to me they looked like two kids caught doing something they shouldn’t be.


I saw more snakes during Wednesday’s ride than I saw all summer. I must have seen fifteen to twenty small snakes on the road over the 32 miles. I guess the colder nights have them out looking for sun during the day.


Violators will be prosecuted, and tied up with a big ol’ chain! That’s some backwoods justice!



Saw a painted turtle along one road. It got a bit spooked when I approached and sucked up into its shell. I would have rather had a shot with legs out, but I’ll take it.






Thursday was one of the foggiest days I’ve seen in a long while here. It was so foggy that B’s school was cancelled for the day. Not sure it lifted until well after one or two in the afternoon.


The fog mad for some good photos though, and helped make things a bit more interesting. Even barns and roads I’ve taken photos on hundreds of times took on a look that I couldn’t resist.






I took the shot above twice. One with the cows in focus, one with them out. The more I look, the more I find myself digging them out of focus, with the fence in focus.


This photo of the lone tree in the bean field was made much better with the addition of the fog. Not sure I would have even shot it had it not been foggy, or at least processed it in color.




One thing I’ve noticed is that I always seem to shoot my barn photos with the barns to the right. I like me some rule of thirds, but I might want to start mixing it up a bit!


By the end of the ride I was completely soaked. Between the fog, some light rain, and the sweat from the humid conditions, everything needed to be dried and or washed when I got home.

Finally here’s a brief iPhone video to show the fog, and the vastness of the open farm land I was riding in. For some reason I had Suffer Little Children by The Smiths, on my mind as well as the first line to Dial-a-Cliché by Morrissey on my mind as I took it all in.




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