Thus Far

Monday was a mish-mash of guys here to stain and seal our deck, and me at the shop all day, before stopping to watch the end of B’s JV soccer practice, and then finally home after 7 to scrub the lube and rubber smell off myself and eat something.

Tuesday. It’s only Wednesday, but I barely remember what the hell I did on Tuesday! I know I didn’t ride… Oh yeah, I trimmed the bushes and hedges in the front yard while sweating my ass off, then hauled the clippings to the recycling center. After that, I waited around all day for a package I needed to sign for, then took/fetched B at practice.

Then today—after two days bikeless—I finally made it back in the saddle for a short Better Than The Trainer Ride™ south of town.

The ride wasn’t supposed to be a B.T.T.T.R.™, but after having to reroute during my drive to the Dirt Road Launching Pad due to construction, I was annoyed and behind schedule. All of that only added to my want to not ride at all and drink gin and tonics until I shat myself and passed out on the living room floor, waiting for Jake (the dog) to eat my bloated face off. Truth be told I’ve never been so drunk that I shat myself, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to start on a weekday morning. Maybe Saturday morning.

All joking aside, for some reason I just didn’t feel like riding. I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING. But I rode. It was only about 20 miles, but I rode and seemed to have sweat out all the bad mojo I was harboring.

I got home from the ride, made a stovetop burger since there were no leftovers or anything remotely healthy, and then decided to head out to the Sylvan Solace Preserve to test out the “new to me” D610 body I picked up last week. The only full frame lens I have right now is the Sigma 70mm-200mm 2.8. That hunk of glass is not exactly a “carry around while hiking” sort of lens, but it was just fine for one quick lap around the preserve. I have a more hiking friendly zoom coming via e-bay in a few days, and that should make a swell woods stomper.

I’m still not 100% sold on the D610, but I don’t want to rush to judgment on it. It’s my first full frame body ever, and I got it for a third of what it cost when it was released in fall of 2013. I wanted a second Nikon body, and when I saw this one available at, I jumped on it. I would have rather had a D750, but a used one was a bit out of my price range. I still have a week or so to decide, so we’ll see. Right now it just feels different to me. Like when you get a new car or a new, used car in this case.

Here’s what I shot today.

Back at the shop tomorrow, so probably no riding until Friday morning.


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