Wednesday Rolled


After two days spent working out indoors for a variety of reasons (weather, time, not giving a shit), I got out for a ride on Wednesday morning. It was a short and sweet 25 miler, with little photo ops along the way, and many of the roads were still muddy messes, but a ride, is a ride, is a ride, is a ride.


I’ve been continuing to ride the PrOcal, if for no other reason than that I am on a streak of my back feeling pretty darn not bad on the bike and I don’t want to jinx it. So, the PrOcal it is!


I switched over to the WTB Nano 29er tires a few weeks ago, and for the most part that has been a good choice for the PrOcal. However I continue to find the rear a bit squirrely. It nearly always feels like it’s going flat, but not. Part of me want to start exploring some other tire options, but then I realize that it’s December and that soon many of the roads will be covered with snow and ice and I’ll be using the Fatterson. Might as well deal with some squirreliness for now, and hopefully be riding gravel on the Boone pain-free again come spring.


It’s been nice to get back to riding and not thinking about pain too much. I’m really not sure what to attribute it to. I know that physical therapy didn’t help, not sure the chiropractor helped all that much, and that I spent a LOT of money on x-rays, MRIs, therapy, and chiropractic the past six months, not to mention all the self medicating I did! Then again, I’ve also completely avoided singletrack, and fear that the issues will return every time I get on the bike.

I opted to use my Nikon D7100 with the 70-300mm lens. Not sure why I stuck that lens on, but I did and missed out on a few shots because of it. Oh well, options were pretty limited anyway, but it’s worth noting so that I don’t do it again.

Choosing to continue my mission to become swolled (not really) and run (not at all), so I’m opting for the indoors again today so as to free up some time for a visit to the bike shop.


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