When I Last Posted

The more things fail to change; the more things stay the same.  

When I last posted, I was dealing with another round of cellulitis that I picked up whilst swimming in a piss-filled Michigan lake. That is just about healed but took two different antibiotics to do so.

When I last posted, I was dealing with an ongoing battle with Amazon due to UPS losing a camera that I was returning somewhere in Illinois. Several phone calls, emails, messages, and rants later, and it is still unresolved. They keep promising me that everything will be taken care of, but my bank account is thinking differently. I continue to hate wait.

Rural Stonehenge

When I last posted, I was putting in daily sessions at the gym; lumbering on the Dreadmill and lifting heavy things for no reason. I was averaging 2 to 3 miles a day and seeing noticeable improvements in my muscle makeup as I try to unsag my pecs and get my ass back to looking like an ass instead of a giant man-scrote. I also got out for a SHORT ride in the heat one day last week. Don’t ask me which day.

Finally, a bit of change came. For the worse.

Is there a fly on me?

I have been dealing with some plantar fasciitis in my left foot for months. It usually feels better after I get some shoes on and warm up. However, this week, after my Tuesday gym session, it wasn’t feeling so good and kept getting worse.

Wednesday morning at the gym there was no way to run, or even walk, on the Dreadmill, so I did the stair climber for 30 minutes and then my weights. I was shuffling around the gym like a sweaty old man.

By Thursday morning, walking was reduced to a slow limp, and I spent the day at the bike shop hobbling around like a gimp.

Date night with Wifey at The Bird.

I put in my time, found a tolerable way of walking and headed for home around 3:30. On my way to the car, something popped in my left foot followed immediately by a rush of pain and an audible cry of “FUCK!!!” It’s been ages since I felt pain like that.

By 5:00, I was in the local ER for the second time in 2 weeks. After some sitting around, an x-ray, a goofy flat-soled shoe that will probably cost my insurance company $499, and scripts for pain medication and crutches, I was home by 8 PM and full of hate.

The x-ray showed no bone damage, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t tendon-type damage in there somewhere, but I won’t know anything until I see a podiatrist in a week or so. Until then; no lumbering.

B-Man’s sophomore year of footy has started.


Match 2. Another loss, but always fun watching B play.


Sunlit gingie.

A crutch is helping, but there is still some pain. I’m hoping that by Sunday, I can at least put enough weight on it to walk normally and get back into my lifting heavy things for no reason routine at the gym. Dreadmill lumbering will be out for a while, but I’m confident that riding should be pain-free.

In the meantime, I have an excuse to be lazy. As long as I can get to B’s tournament on Saturday and match on Monday to shoot pics, I’ll be happy (enough).


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