Looking Back To Get Ahead

My life, am I right?

Another short review of the past month: I picked up an infection in my leg swimming in Piss Lake; my ongoing bout of plantar fasciitis got worse, and that plantar fasciitis had me limping so bad that I sprained some sort of ligament in my ankle.

Additionally, the combination of the infection, my already jacked up veins from a series of blood clots over the past 13 years, the ankle injury, and raging inactivity also made my edema-prone legs even more swollen. I was feeling mentally and physically broken and infinitely older than my 48 years.

A followup with a podiatrist this past week left him scratching his head on what the exact problem could be, and I left in a boot with plans for an MRI in few weeks if I don’t show any improvement.

Less than 24 hours later, I said: “Fuck the boot!” and opted for a $25 ankle brace I picked up at Meijer.

As of now, I can walk on the foot with a slight limp, my standard walking pace is not happening anytime soon, and running will be out the question for some time. In fact, as much as I wanted to expand my fitness hobbies, I may just forget running again, and stick to bikes and lifting heavy things for no reason.

Speaking of lifting heavy things for no reason, that was the one thing I was able to do over the past few weeks. And for the first time in years, I’ve actually enjoyed doing it, as well as seeing some modest physical changes.

Looking for a way to do a less painful warmup than limping on the treadmill at the gym on Wednesday, I opted to use one of the exercise bikes. For a long-time cyclist, using one of those things is one of the most awkward activities in the world, but I was stoked that were was minimal pain and I was able to get a sweat on before starting my strength training.

Given my failed attempt at a pain-free pedaling last weekend, I didn’t want to get too excited, but that 25 minute spin had me thinking that by the weekend I might finally get a dirt road ride in.

Saturday morning came, I squeezed into my ankle brace, aired up Mr. Burgundy, got some bottles ready, grabbed my camera, and started off towards the dirt roads.

It was clear from the start that while I was pedaling virtually pain-free, getting up out of the saddle to pedal would be extremely painful and out of the question. I would be sitting and spinning, but doing so with a smile on my face!

It felt so good to be outside doing something! Especially after the previous weekend’s failed attempt at riding, and two short, painful endeavors at hiking at some local nature preserves. It wasn’t a long ride—just 23 miles—but it was my longest ride in over 3 weeks.

I’m incredibly anxious for these issues to be cleared up and behind me. If no other reasons than they are very detrimental to my creativity and my mood. No one likes cranky, uncreative Jason, especially Jason.

Here’s a bunch of photos I managed to take during Saturday’s ride, and from the past two weeks of hobbling around football pitches, and local woods.


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