The past four or five days week has been a whirlwind of traveling, soccer tournaments, hanging out with good friends, multiple 2016/17 soccer tryouts, house selling stuff, pixel pushing, physical therapist appointments, Wifey work stress, family time, and worrying about various decisions facing our family. Thank God there were a few dirt road rides thrown in there and that the good stuff seems to be outweighing the bad stuff right now.

It had been three long days since I got out for a ride and my plan for my Tuesday was to get some work done for the shop and then get a quick ride in before attacking a shit load of shit (redundant?) that needed to be bone after 2.5 days in Petoskey soccer peeping (mostly with my face in my hands as the match fell apart, only peeking out to see B-Man working his ass off so hard that he was physically and emotionally spent by the end of Sunday’s God knows how many goals to 2 final match.

I got out again Wednesday for a 30 mile loop and felt good again. Still have some back pain, but getting closer to figuring it out (left leg is slightly longer, and my hips are out of whack according to my PT). So, I’m hopeful to make a comeback of sorts in the future.


There is no need to recap all that is has been going on, other than Fuji refused to warranty my broken X-T10 camera (but Square Trade is thankfully replacing it), B-Man tried out for a different soccer club on Monday, made the team, and decided to make the move (hello summer transfer window), ha! Wifey’s work has been nuts, we’re ever closer to the finally closing on our old house, and I somehow managed to get some riding it.


Wifey’s family is heading in to town over the next few days, so a couple of those days will be spent hanging out with them, and a couple will be spent getting some riding in while Wifey takes them up north a bit to show off the Mitten a bit. Looking forward to all of that, especially that we finally have enough bathrooms that I can light it up in the morning and not feel self-conscious about the scent and noise.

Hopefully I can get back to my regular crap blog posts next week sometime. If you’re lucky I won’t!


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