Workday Non Ride


My original plan for today was to go to the shop, work ’till 6 and get a couple of loops in on the Alma mountain bike trail after. Well, heavy rains last evening may have left the trail too soft for proper riding, so I ended up aborting.

Some late day reports said the trail was firm enough to ride, but by quitting time I had convinced myself otherwise and was content to just help myself to some carbon prep to aid the Superfly’s slipping seat post, work, and get home to see B-Man and Wifey.

I was also content to finally nab a pic of one of the buildings in the back alley of the shop. I wish I would have got it with one of my 35mm cameras (and still may) but for now was I am happy with what I got with my iPhone. Not sure why I get some enamoured with back alley shots, but I do.


One of the owners/wrenches at the shop spent a good bit of time this morning getting the bike above in proper order; new tires, bar wrap, chain, cassette and God knows what else. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal or all that funny, but this bike didn’t belong to some Tri-geek/TT specialist or rail trail wunderkind. Nope it belonged to some Amish dude that rides the HELL out of the thing. When asked why an Amish dude would have a bike like this to the owners, they simply said that while many folks get off on their cars, the Amish tend to dig their bikes. I am longing to pass, er, I mean BE passed by that dude when he’s in a full dirt road TT aero tuck!


One of my duties today was to build up a display case (with a little help of course) and inventory the shop’s new line of eyewear from Tifosi. I’ve been using various forms of Tifosi eyewear for about ten years now, so I was stoked to see that the shop is now carrying them. You know, in case I can score a discount. Or not… probably not.


Old parts and more old parts… just in case!

Hate to do these random posts concerning my part-time work at the bike shop, but the way I see it, it’s better than my crap posts about my Cat 5 Cooking. At least I think it is.

My new plan is to get out on the Boone for some miles tomorrow. Sure hope that worked out ’cause my blubber is need of some burned calories and some dirt road mileage.


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