A Cold Sweat


What a difference 48 hours can make! My last ride was a short post-rain road loop in hot, steamy, humid, conditions and had me feeling like I was breathing through a straw. Today it was 65˚ at ride time with a cool breeze coming from the north. Once I started sweating–which given my girth takes about two miles–I actually got sort of cold. At least for bit.

I’m by no means ready for the return of the fall and winter like temperatures that Michigan enjoys gets 11 months a year, but giving the AC a break, sleeping with the windows open, and riding without draining both bottles and contemplating drinking from a farm field water trough is pretty nice.


Dirt road chicory with bug.

Even since I got the Boone back from Terry’s it has been just amazing. Funny what a new drivetrain, rebuilt pedals, replaced cables, and brake adjustments will do for a bike! Add in the cooler temps we had today and I felt like a cycling god… until I looked down and saw my stomach fighting to break through my jersey. Then I just felt like the dirt road riding schlep that I am.



My back and hip have been feeling reasonably OK (on the Boone) since my physical therapy has started in earnest. Not sure what the PT will actually do for my arthritic spine, but the exercises they have me doing are helping my core and helping with an imbalance I apparently have with my pelvis. Hoping to get some shims for my cleats to help that out too.


The wheat is starting to turn gold.

I didn’t seem to have much going on during the day today, I should have taken advantage of the free time with a longer ride, but anymore I am happy just to get consistent daily rides and worry less about stacking up miles and time.


Looks like someone upgraded their choice of vodka.

This week has finally brought some normalcy, and end to what seemed like a three or four week bender of adult beverages, food, travel, visitors, and stress. A few days of clean livin’ and eatin’ is just what I need right now to help me feel like less of a wretch.


Low clouds keeping mid-Michigan cool today.

The next few days look to be good for riding, so I am hopeful to hit some dirt and test out the hip and back on the PrOcal.


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