A Different Way

I’m not sure what happened, but I nearly lost track of what “stuff” I did this earlier this week. I truly forgot; until I remembered.

Looking at my Sloba™ feed it seems that I did NOTHING on Monday and Tuesday, even though I was pretty sure I did something. It turns out that I took Monday off the bike because the head cold was reaching insane levels of nasal ejaculate. I know I had blabbered about possibly strapping on my E-Z Lace MallWakerZ™ and walking slacks for a Tuesday evening walk while B was at practice, but it was raining and I was still producing a shit ton of the aforementioned ejaculate so I sat in the car for an hour and a half, creeper style.

On Wednesday I started to feel more myself. A ride couldn’t happen, but I headed down to the Not So Stankment and busted out a nice 3-mile running session on the treadmill that only required minimal lumbering. Fit and fat, baby!

Finally, on Thursday I was back in the saddle and had come up with a route that would feature some new to me roads. I always love finding roads that have been there all the long, but for some reason just never entered the rotation. I know there’s some sort of sexual fantasy/forgotten porn stash analogy here but I’m having trouble putting it into words. Since I don’t want to force anything, I’ll just leave it be. Look at me finding some semblance of maturity!

The new roads were cool and I even stumbled upon some seasonal roads that I was tempted to take but figured I would wait until I could confirm where they ended up, I really didn’t want to end up the guest of honor in someone’s gimp shack or become a tubby target for some Don’t Tread on Me flag waving 2nd Amendment nut job with an itchy trigger finger (90% of Michigan). So I passed and found out later that of the two roads in question, one would have been a dead end, and the other would have cut a mile or two off the ride.

Conditions were about as perfect as they could get for a dirt road ride: sun, temps in the low 60s, little wind, and dry roads. I wish my picture takin’ would have been more on point, but I guess I can’t have it all. I did see some interesting things though.


Sadly, my ongoing saddle sore issue—the one that consistently has my ass looking like I was branded with a saddle-shaped iron, has me biting down on a piece of rubber when soap and water hit it in the shower, and eventually weeps blood into my drawers later in the day—has returned. I have tried different saddles, saddle positions, different chamois creams, and different bibs, yet it almost always returns. Could it be that my ass has got too big for the chamois pad and the flaccid sacks of fleshy ass spillover causes friction with the saddle? Do they even make wide-load chamois pads? Frig.

(for the most part)

Because of said weeping sores, I will not be riding today. I hope to get a run in and then a quick trip to the shop to pick up the Boone and its new rear 105 shifter (hooray for easy shifting!) but that will the extent of extracurricular activities. The weekend will be jammed with a home soccer game tonight and two away matches in the Detroit ‘burbs on Saturday and Sunday. A ride might not happen until Monday. Probably good news for the two lumps of shredded roast beef I call an ass.

Here are some of the pics I took, click to enlarge, navigate, ignore, etc.


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