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Surprised by The Cold


After a full weekend of traveling downstate to Monroe, Michigan for a soccer tournament I was anxious to get some riding in, and to eat some food that was in no way made for me, but rather by me. Mondays are usually pretty busy for me, but I managed to get a for quick 22 mile dirt road ride from the house.

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Losfer Words (Fall)


As fall continues falling on Michigan, I continue to try to get as many rides in as I can. I also continue to be lost for words to write. Not sure if any readers would actually think that’s a bad thing given my lack of writing skills, spelling, punctuation, and interesting topics, but it’s a situation that I find odd.

I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block, but in the past I seemed to have no problem writing about crap subjects including the gym locker room, my lunch, bad product reviews, and cheap jeans.

Basically, I think the “problem” is that (for better or worse) I’ve become more interested in photographing things in my life rather than writing about it, and with that I’ve learned to let the pictures do the talking, and save everyone the grief of experiencing my verbal diarrhea.

So let’s look at some pics from three of my rides at the end of last week…

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Off and On


After three days off the bike traveling for B’s soccer, crap weather, busy-ness, and/or general laziness, I found myself back on the bike Tuesday morning for a foggy dirt road ride on the PrOcal.

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A Lost Weekend, Sort Of


I knew going into last weekend that there would probably be no riding had. B had a match in Grand Rapids on Saturday that would have us gone most of the day, Wifey had plans for us that night, and Sunday B had another match at home, which isn’t really like a home game because his club is 40 minutes from where we live. But that’s all good stuff. Both matches were good, both were wins for his team, and B scored his first goal in the regular season during Saturday’s 2-1 victory. Yeah.

Now to backtrack a bit…

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I Was Due, Then I Wasn’t


With two straight days filled with work, stress, home issues, and 45th birthday angst behind me, I woke up on Friday anxious to get out for some miles and picture snapping. It took a while to get my mojo going, but eventually it all worked out.

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Sneaking, Snuck


A weather front moved through late Thursday night and brought a little bit of rain, and a some gusting winds come Friday morning. As I stood staring out at the bending trees in the backyard I had little desire to ride. However the prospect of testing out the Nikon D7100 I picked up was just the motivation I needed to sneak out for a quick spin in the wind.

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