I mentioned in an earlier post today that I was off to ride, try out the WTB Nano 700 x 40c tires I picked up and try to make peace with my Kona Jake The Snake. Well, you may or many not have seen my afternoon edit on the post, but if not I will mention again: the tires were most excellent and well worth it, but I think my time with the Jake is done. I just don’t feel good on it… it’s almost painful. I doubt I’ll sell it (unless you want it?), but it may become a townie or a two-wheeled paperweight.


My plan now is to try to get my hands on a rigid fork for the El Mariachi. Not that my performance demands a rigid fork, but I would rather ride sloppy fall, winter (when a fat bike is not called for) and spring Michigan dirt roads with a rigid fork rather than destroy a $400+ suspension fork. I will most likely try to get my hands on a Salsa CroMoto Grande. That seems like the best value for what I do (which isn’t all that much).

Not sure what the deal is with the Jake, but I am just miserable on it these days, and for nearly four years I rode the shit out of that thing! Oh well, there are worse problems in the world. Fuck it, it’s Friday, time to have a couple beers and sit my fat ass on the porch and listen to music.

Dirt road hump shack and hawk photo taken by me during today’s two hours of near-suckishness.

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